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Back to the X-Mas by Olivier Fritsch Gomez / Website


Back to the X-Mas by Olivier Fritsch Gomez / Website

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High On Fire
Lo Pan
screen print
edition of 100
Signed & Numbered by Becky Cloonan and Brian Ewing

I’m so excited to post my collaboration with Becky Cloonan. Try to guess who drew what… Becky and I have been buds for years and we both love High On Fire and Universal Monsters. The lady on the poster is Countess Marya Zaleska from the movie Dracula’s Daughter.

So when the band hit me up to do the poster for their Columbus, OH show…I decided to see if Becky was game to geek out on a gig poster with me. My respect for Becky is limitless so I had to really push myself to match her skill and full on metal coolness. (I mean c’mon…she has her own wikipedia page!) Sleep was lost. Pizza was burnt. Daylight was shunned. Brains were melted. But it was worth it. At one point I was drinking out of the cup I use to clean my brushes. That’s how intense it was!

I sent Becky some ideas of what I wanted to do. In a few days she sent back finished art….(while on vacation in Scotland!) Which blew my mind because it was different that what I envisioned. It was better. From there I was inspired to go in a different direction and draw my hands off. We were both very surprised and happy with the results. Damn skippy.

In the past I’ve collaborated with Dave Johnson, Crankbunny and Buff Monster. So I’m stoked to add Becky to that list of artists I’ve been fortunate enough to work with.

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I want all of these movie posters. I would need a room just to show off my sweet Heisei Gojira collection.

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